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April 6, 2013: Dr. Stubbeman to Speak on Treating Tinnitus with TMS at the O.C.’s Tinnitus Support Group’s Meeting in April

Join Dr. William Stubbeman on Saturday April 6, 2013 as he provides the keynote presentation at the Orange County’s Tinnitus Support Group April 6 meeting. Open to the public and held at the Mariposa Women’s Center, Dr. Stubbeman will share his latest patient success stories and the neuroscience behind hearing and the brain, using TMS, a breakthrough brain stimulation technique.

TMS, or transcranial magentic stimulation, was approved by the FDA as an effective treatment of depression and now there is more research that it could be an effective treatment option for Tinnitus sufferers.  Over the past decade clinical researchers and some practicing physicians like Dr. Stubbeman have  added to a growing body of research that Tinnitus symptoms can be significantly reduced using brain stimulation, or TMS.

One of only a few doctors in a professional setting treating Tinnitus using TMS, Dr. Stubbeman has a 90% success rate by using advanced techniques of “precision TMS” such as neuronavigation and EEG.

The American Tinnitus Association’s campaign Roadmap to a Cure details more over TMS and Tinnitus so hopefully one day patients don’t have to “just live with it.”