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New non-medicinal treatment helps with depression

By Sonia Azad | Feb 23, 2017

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Fifteen million Americans live with depression. The most common way they’re treating it is with anti-depressant drugs, but half of them either can’t tolerate the medicine, or they aren’t responding to it.

Now doctors are using a non-invasive treatment for depression, and it seems to be offering promising results.

“I can’t take care of myself. My husband takes care of me when I get this way,” said Judy Davis. The 60-year old doesn’t usually talk about the low points in life. But she did with us. Davis is a wife and grandmother who has lived with bipolar disorder for 38 years.

“I’ll become suicidal when I get depressed, and very, very ill,” she said.

Medicine after medicine didn’t help Davis. Then she tried something different called Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS.

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