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Accelerated TMS

Dr. Stubbeman offers an accelerated treatment course of TMS closely modeled after the SAINT™ Protocol, an accelerated protocol published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that was developed by researchers at Stanford University. The SAINT™ protocol was found to have a 90.5% remission rate during the open-label trial (1), and a 79% remission rate in the double-blind control trial (2)

Accelerated TMS is both safe and effective, and has shown promising results in reducing suicidal ideation and severity of depressive symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Compared to the usual six-week TMS course, our accelerated treatment course can be completed in one week.  This includes 10 treatments a day for 5 days, totaling 50 treatments in a week. Accelerated TMS can be a great option for those who live out of town, or those unable to make the time commitment to the traditional six week course. Please contact our office to see if our accelerated TMS course is right for you.

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