Patient Case Studies

Case Study 1:

60 year-old female with lifetime history of treatment refractory bipolar II disorder. She failed multiple medication regimens and did not respond to 14 electroconvulsive therapies. She was suicidal and planned to kill herself if the TMS was not effective. She reached full remission from her depression. She is now happy and fully functional.


Case Study 2:

20 year-old male with treatment refractory depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder presented with suicidal ideation. He was unable to function in school and had failed medication treatment. With TMS, he achieved rapid remission of his depression and anxiety.


Case Study 3:

21 year-old male diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety. He had trouble sleeping through the night and had suicidal ideations. He entered remission for depression after only 7 TMS treatments. After the treatment course, his suicidal ideations, depression, and anxiety had completely resolved.


Case Study 4:

28 year-old male presented with severe bilateral, pure-tone, high frequency tinnitus and hyperacusis due to acoustic trauma. He became unable to concentrate, stopped working, and became debilitated and depressed. He saw multiple specialists across the country who were unable to help him. After 11 weeks of TMS, his hyperacusis resolved and his tinnitus diminished such that he could only hear it when in a quiet room while paying attention to it, but it was without any emotional disturbance. He has now resumed his social life and professional career.


Case Study 5:

19 year-old male diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) and social phobia. Had a recent attempted suicide and was refractory to multiple medications. His suicidal ideation resolved completely after the first 2 weeks of treatment and entered remission for MDD by the end of the treatment course.