What Patients Are Saying

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Patients:

“I was very relieved to find a treatment program that would successfully combat my OCD. Before undergoing this treatment, I was weighed down by stress, OCD and anxiety. I was skeptical at first, but saw results pretty quickly. My life has been changed by this treatment and I am so relieved to have found something that works.”

Patient G 

Tinnitus Patients:

“I first off wanted to thank you for your life changing efforts. Below you will find a testimonial of my condition and the effect Dr. Stubbeman and the team has had on it. I came to Dr. Stubbeman with a terrible case of tinnitus that I managed to obtain from an acoustic trauma. I had terrible ringing in both ears and a severe sensitivity to both loud and high frequency noises. This condition negatively affected my work, my sleep, my family and relationships, my emotional happiness, and hope for the future. I had tried everything and consulted some of the top ENTs in the nation with little results or methods of treatment. And then I found Dr. Stubbeman. I am so thankful to have found the wisdom and helpful care of Dr. Stubbeman and the team and don’t know where I would be today if it were not for them. They were able to use the most sophisticated methods and technology in the field of TMS to tailor a custom protocol for my specific case. These techniques were not being performed anywhere else outside of a research setting in the world. Neuronavigation and QEEG frequency measurements of my tinnitus were used in combination with a MRI of my brain to pinpoint the area of treatment with precision and effectiveness. Dr. Stubbeman and the team intelligently guided me through the process from start to finish. The staff was most importantly kind, professional, and diligent in all their efforts. Dr. Stubbeman and his team are without a doubt the most informed and valuable resource I could have had in my time of need. After treatment, I can honestly say that my symptoms of tinnitus are reduced to merely noticeable levels and I have my life back again. A statement I thought I would not be able to say. Anyone who has suffered with this condition knows the constant torment that occurs and the stress and darkness that can shroud your life. Dr. Stubbeman and the team lifted that shroud away and did so in the most professional and caring manner one could ask for. I am so grateful for their incredible work.”

Patient H 

“[…]I got tinnitus over two years ago as a result of loud music at a concert. I was miserable and desperate for help. Several ENTs said I’d just have to live with it. I tried all types of herbal supplements and holistic treatments hyped on the internet. None of them worked and were a big waste of money. Fortunately, I found out about Dr. Bill Stubbeman, who is pioneering a treatment of tinnitus and getting amazing results. The treatment involves Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and music therapy to “rewire” the brain so it doesn’t “hear” the tinnitus. I am so grateful to have found a doctor and a treatment that is working for me. I recommend that anyone who suffers from tinnitus contact Dr. Stubbeman and see how he can help.”

Patient I 

Depression Patients:

“I cannot say enough amazing things about this office and my experience of TMS with Dr. Stubbeman. I did not even know TMS existed until a friend of mine told me about it and knew of Dr. Stubbeman. I had suffered from depression, Anxiety and PTSD for many, many years to different degrees. When my friend suggested it, I was already at the point where I was starting to think that it really wasn’t worth it to continue trying to live in this painful place, I called life. I was at a place where I really thought the world would be better off without me and sure my family and friends might be sad for a little bit but it’s not like the world would really stop or desperately need me to be in it to keep going.

It happened to be at this moment in my life when I met and started working with Dr. Stubbeman. His demeaner and energy is PERFECT for his job. He is an impeccable listener. And sure, one could argue, should a psychiatrist really get points for listening? But I say, YES! There are so many doctors out there in the world who will charge you thousands and thousands of dollars and not even listen to a word you say. Or they may “seem” like they are listening but they really are not. He gives great feedback and really cares about the patient as a whole person, not just treating the disease.

The staff in the office is AMAZING. The office manager Raya, talked with me on the phone for almost an hour the first time I called to ask questions. She Patiently listened and answered ALL of my questions. From anything about how it works, what to expect and also helping me navigate insurance which unfortunately is almost 99% of the battle in this country. It is bad enough you have Depression, Anxiety and PTSD but on top of that you also need to fight the insurance companies every step of the way just to get LITTLE BIT OF HELP. Doing this while you may be having suicidal thoughts is despicable but unfortunately that is the reality of America. Raya and Dr. Stubbeman not only helped with all of that but also fought for me and advocated for me and continued to do so throughout the course of my treatments. When I was in between insurance companies she was able help me navigate and choose a plan that would get the treatment I needed. And then later, when my insurance from my employer denied my treatment, they fought for me to get my treatment covered. This is unfortunately unheard of in our health care system. (Not the insurance companies denying coverage but doctor’s offices fighting for their patients to get covered.) I have had so many experiences where I have had to fight completely on my own and then once denied, doctors drop me so fast you are left worse off than when you initially tried to get help.

This office supported me and helped me not just with my TMS treatment but with all the other small and large obstacles that come with getting medical treatment that comes with our medical system.

The technicians are a delight and make you feel safe and comfortable while getting treated. They treat you with respect, kindness and care and see you as a full person instead of someone who is broken and diseased. I also suffer from something called chemical sensitivies where I am more sensitive to strong cleaning products and scented products. Raya, the office manager, made sure that the room I was being treated in had no scented products and the cleaning products did not affect me while being treated. (I have had many experiences where doctor’s offices think I am crazy or do not take this seriously and it is very frustrating to say the least.) They truly created a safe space for me to heel and feel taken care of.

If you are thinking of getting TMS or looking for some heeling this is a wonderful place to do it. Everyone’s mental health journey is different and not always in a straight line but if you want a TMS doctor and staff that will fight for you, treat you as a whole person, listen to you, show you the true meaning of patience I would try Dr. Stubbeman’s office before another office. I am incredibly grateful that I found Dr. Stubbeman and his office staff, they helped me navigate my way out of darkness and continue to provide me support as I carry on, on my journey. If you are reading this and still suffering, I hope you give this office a try.”

Patient N 

“It feels strange to write a note of recommendation about one of the darkest times in my life, but that’s exactly what I would like to do. I first went to see Dr. Stubbeman when my depression and anxiety were so intense that they often seemed inexorable, but slowly and surely he helped me, through TMS, back to a better place. The TMS itself was initially intimidating, but the kind, caring, careful work of the truly exceptional technicians in Dr. Stubbeman’s office eased the way: I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and compassion of Lily, Daisy, Jordyn, Melody, and Juju, who took me through my daily appointments with steady nerves and unwavering good humor. Raya and Jillian, who managed the experience were equally generous, good-natured, and thoughtful. Without the seven of them and Dr. S I don’t know if I would have made it through TMS. But I did! I hope never to feel again as I did when I was in TMS, but I am so grateful for the people who got me through it, and will be for the rest of my days.”

“LIFE CHANGING! I am deeply grateful for Dr. Stubbeman, his unique TMS protocol and his wonderful support team for helping me finally transcend clinical depression and anxiety. Dr. Stubbeman trusted my instinct which led to our mutual understanding that innumerable doctors, hospitals, specialists and therapists had missed or dismissed: I had been misdiagnosed from the start and therefore incorrectly labeled for decades. Working with him changed everything. I’ve now been in remission for 5 months, as well as completely medication free for a year. My life is transformed. I seriously marvel about feeling so great and stable, especially now, in likely the most turbulent time we’ve ever collectively experienced. I have the highest regard for Dr. Stubbeman. Not only is he an absolutely brilliant clinician, he is also a deep listener while being incredibly empathetic and kind. After 20 years of trying almost every type of pharmaceutical, traditional and alternative therapy, holistic remedy, plant medicine, nutritional approach and energy healing, I had almost given up hope of ever finding true relief for my treatment resistant, pervasive clinical depression and GAD. I most certainly had lost faith in psychiatry and western medicine as a whole. However, after I stumbled upon TMS in my never-ending research, I felt a ping. And immediately did a deep dive on the different types of and approaches to TMS therapy. When I came across Dr. Stubbeman’s website, I thought: he is doing something special…and as a result, is having much more success than other practices. (Just look at his clinical studies and their much higher than average remission rates!) In addition, during my weekly check-ins with Dr. Stubbeman, I made more progress during those concise sessions than in years of therapy combined. My advice (to anyone struggling with depression, bipolar, anxiety, addiction, cPTSD, tinnitus, etc.) is to read about TMS, meet with Dr. Stubbeman and ask him, as I did; a million questions. What you’ll likely be met with is: answers, understanding, professionalism, care, a specific plan with a novel approach. Quite a revelation for most of us who have walked this mental health gauntlet! From an outsider’s perspective, one might say my life has been filled with blessings. I’ve certainly always dug deep to do “the work” of becoming, as it were. However, I’ve felt the sensation of a continuous drowning and constant struggle throughout the years because of my moods. So in that sense, this process – and it’s astounding results – has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful. From firsthand experience, I know now that real healing can only take place when a person feels safe and the sympathetic response abates. TMS is a bumpy and long process but all of you made my journey so much easier – because of your hearts, your intelligence, your empathy and your humor. To Dr. S and his incredible team: Melodi, Raya, Jillian, Juju, Georgia and Alex… Thank you all, forever. “

Patient D

“I am a 67 year old mom and retired teacher, living in Santa Monica, CA. I’m writing this in order to share my TMS experience with others. Before depression struck, I was an active, busy, happy, outdoor/athletic person most of the time. This depression, seemed to occur literally overnight. I went to sleep one evening feeling fine, and woke up in the morning feeling depressed. I should say that I suffered from a postpartum depression 30 years ago after my son was born, and was still taking antidepressants. My antidepressants, after working effectively for 22 years, literally stopped working overnight, or so it seemed. This was about 2 and a half to 3 years ago. At my lowest point, I wasn’t sure how I could go on as I was. I stayed in bed a lot and cried and cried. I dreaded every next moment that was to come. I couldn’t and wouldn’t carry on a conversation with anyone. Every day seemed like a thousand hours of pain and misery. I was afraid to be alone and felt debilitating anxiety, as well. For many months I was afraid to drive a car and had to be driven everywhere. My life was non life. It was mere survival from one hour to the next. Eventually I had to enter UCLA hospital for two weeks as it had just become too much for my husband to deal with on his own. Now that I’m approaching the end of my TMS treatments, I am so grateful that I connected with Dr. Stubbeman and his staff. The procedure, itself, is absolutely painless and noninvasive. I had extremely minimal side effects. Once I started driving again, I could just jump in my car after a treatment and drive home. It takes a lot of commitment on the patient’s part for these treatments to work, but the doctor and the girls in the office are very encouraging. Treatments always started on time. I talked with Dr. Stubbeman at least every week if not more. The doctor is extremely accessible by phone and mail. Everything about the TMS procedure was explained carefully in both writing and verbally. I understood the TMS procedure before we started. Depression is an awful experience. The first few times I walked into the doctor’s office I was afraid to believe in the TMS treatments. Thank goodness I kept on holding on with the encouragement and help of Dr. Stubbeman. Dr. Stubbeman saved my life and enabled me to turn it around and feel well again. I will forever be grateful. The first day I walked into the doctor’s office I couldn’t speak because I was sobbing so hard. Today I feel well and do volunteer work to help others. Thank you Dr. Stubbeman and staff for all you’ve done.”

Patient L 

“I am 50 years old and I live in Los Angeles. Before the onset of depression I was a happy person, fully engaged in all aspects of life, with a busy professional career. I first started noticing the symptoms of depression and anxiety when I went through a major transition in life that affected me in more ways than I could handle. Between the decision to leave my profession of almost 25 years and not knowing what my next career move should be, my father’s rapidly deteriorating health and his eventual death, the feeling of helplessness not being able to help my parents due to living on different continents, and having to sell my house, it was simply too much to deal with. I started having extreme anxiety, imagining the worst scenarios, dealing with constant insomnia, and seeing no future at all. This only led to the depression getting worse and, eventually, becoming totally unbearable. I lost all hope of things ever becoming better. With my own career in holistic health and nutrition and considering the extensive side effects reported for medications, I did not want to be stuck taking drugs the rest of my life. I wanted to find a different, healthier option. After doing extensive research, I was able to find TMS. Choosing this treatment was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was a big commitment, but it was worth every penny and every minute of my time. The treatment session itself is about 45 minutes in total, non-invasive, and painless. I found it actually relaxing since I got to listen to music during most of the session, sitting reclined in a comfortable chair. It felt like a woodpecker was gently pecking me on the head in the specific spot responsible for mood control. Easy, quick, and no big deal. I didn’t experience any side effects. If anything, I felt energized and uplifted afterwards. Dr. Stubbeman’s protocol not only stimulates the left side of the brain, which is responsible for mood changes, but it inhibits a very specific site on the right side that causes anxiety when it is overactive, like in patients with depression/anxiety disorders. The treatment effects were very consistent and I started feeling better after just a few sessions. It gave me a lot of hope and I continued until all my symptoms were gone and I felt like a normal human being again. It was so successful, as a matter of fact, that I was able to achieve my goal of getting off all medications and now only take small amounts of a natural supplement, SAM-E. Dr. Stubbeman couldn’t be a kinder and more compassionate doctor. He has unique listening skills, something of a rarity these days, and I never felt rushed through my regular weekly sessions with him. In addition, the office staff is highly professional and friendly. From the first appointment to the very last you will be treated with care, respect, and understanding of your situation. Raya, the office manager goes out of her way to be flexible with appointment times and always tried to work with patients’ schedules. Bijan, the TMS technician is always kind and reassuring, as well as respectful of your time and will let you know if he is running a bit late. I would highly recommend TMS as the most advanced treatment for any depression and anxiety disorders. However, my highest recommendation goes especially to Dr. Stubbeman and his staff. His protocol is far superior to, and different from, other TMS treatments available in the US, and therefore has achieved impressive remission rates. He is a doctor of high ethics and integrity, and will do everything to help his patients recover.”

Patient R 

“I am 52 years old and I live in Los Angeles. It is hard to say how long I struggled with depression before I sought Dr. Stubbeman’s help. I think it goes back to my teen years and possibly further. I have lots of attention issues and would say that I am a very insecure person. I have been worried about the future my whole life and remorseful about the past, making it difficult to live in the present. Before my depression I was a relatively productive person, but I was always nervous/anxious. I was impatient and prone to outbursts of anger, often feeling down afterwards. At my worst, I alienated all those around me, failed out of college, and was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. I was frequently violent and almost always combative. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Stubbeman and his staff, finding it to be a professional place that was also warm and comforting. Within 10 days of starting TMS treatment I was feeling much better and optimistic. I never had any negative side effects from the treatment and it seemed to work quickly and unequivocally. I would also like to note that rigorous exercise for 1-2 hours a day proved to be a nice complement to TMS for me. Now I am feeling 100% better than when I first went in for treatment. My wife has noticed a complete change. I still have residual issues like anxiety and fear, but not as severe as they used to be. I am currently working on my sugar and carb intake to help those issues and have continued to exercise regularly. Out of 10, I would say my experience with Dr. Stubbeman and his staff was a 10. I would highly recommend TMS to others, heck, I would walk them there myself!”

Patient Q 

“When Last year (2014), probably as the result of prior surgeries, I became depressed, then very anxious. I had trouble breathing and eating. I had sessions with both a therapist and a clinical psychiatrist. Over a period of months, the psychiatrist prescribed various combinations of medications to help my sleep and relieve my depression and anxiety. There was little relief. TMS was eventually mentioned by both the therapist and the psychiatrist. I met with Dr. Stubbeman, was impressed by his knowledge and gentleness, and began TMS treatments in early February 2015. Progress was slow in the early weeks. Then, as Dr. Stubbeman had predicted, I began to feel better. Treatments, which began at five hourly sessions per week, were gradually reduced. It is now May 22. I am feeling normal and am taking no medications. My final treatment will be next week. I am thankful and appreciative of the help I have received.”

Patient P 

“When I first came to see Dr. Stubbeman, I had been suffering from severe depression for over 8 years. I was unable to find any joy in life. Before the onset of my depression, I was a very active person who enjoyed living life to the fullest. However, once the depression set in all of that changed. I lost all interest in other people and things I previously enjoyed doing. I was constantly fatigued with barely enough energy to get out of bed in the morning. All of this was linked to a profound sense of sadness and despair that made me feel that life was not worth living. I tried many medications without success. Finally, I tried TMS and found relief. TMS treatment is a daily procedure where high powered magnetic pulses are used to stimulate the brain. Over time, this stimulation eliminates the depression. TMS has no side effects and is essentially painless. In addition to the daily treatment, there is a weekly meeting with Dr. Stubbeman to assess progress, which I found to be especially helpful. Dr. Stubbeman and his staff are compassionate and caring people who are truly devoted to the success of the treatment. Thanks to them, I am now depression free. Needless to say, I would highly recommend TMS treatment by Dr. Stubbeman to anyone suffering from depression.”

Patient E 

  “We send our profound and heartfelt thanks for the part each of you played in [his] amazing recovery.His debilitating depression is gone! He still has cycles of depression, but they are short in duration and nothing like the deep dark hole he once knew all too well.TMS has made such an enormous positive change in our lives – and we will always be grateful to you.”

Patient A, Spouse 

“Before I was depressed, people used to point out I always had a smile on my face. I was motivated, funny, and energetic. I was excelling in many areas of my life. I was doing well in school and running over five miles a day. I had many friends and had a good relationship with my family.Depression hit at the age of 18, as I was going off to college. The best way to put it is, I lost my “passion”. I found myself sleeping a lot more. My thoughts became negative and I became a selfish person. I stopped exercising and taking care of myself. At my worst, I was taking medication that wasn’t working. In the meanwhile I was “self medicating”, and I couldn’t stop. I felt trapped, and it seemed like suicide was the only way out. Having exhausted all other options, my psychiatrist recommended TMS treatment. The procedure is relaxing and easy. You are in and out of the office in 45 minutes. The actual treatment is approximately 25 minutes long. The procedure itself feels like getting snapped on your head by a rubber band. It may sound uncomfortable, but oddly enough, your body gets used to the sensation after the first few sessions. The only side effect I experienced was an occasional slight headache during the procedure. From my understanding of TMS, your brain is filled with nerve cells in which electrical current flows. The idea of the procedure is to excite the area of the brain where mood is controlled. This is accomplished by creating a magnetic field using an electromagnet wave targeted at this area. During the course of treatment, I realized I was recovering when I noticed I wasn’t having as many negative thoughts during the day. I started to regain confidence in myself. After completing TMS, my depression has disappeared. It is not something that is controlling my life anymore. In comparison to before I began TMS, I am a completely different person. I’m not stuck in bed sleeping all day anymore. I am able to live life and function. My friends and family have definitely noticed a positive change. Dr. Stubbeman and his staff are very friendly and caring! I would, of course, recommend TMS to others. I have been taking medication for years without improvement. TMS treatment really worked for me.”

Patient C 

“I am 66 years old and I live in the L.A. area. Before depression I would describe myself as a type-A personality. I was a leader – a school administrator. I enjoyed solving problems. I was hired by a troubled school, and vastly improved academics and discipline in my two years there. I [even] returned to graduate school and got my PhD in history. I was an over-achiever. I first became depressed 25 years ago. It manifested itself as a feeling of extreme fatigue. Over time, I was unable to work – I gave up several good college positions. I always felt welcome in the office. I was always greeted – snacks were available. The treatment didn’t hurt unless the machine was on too high a setting, where it was immediately lowered. What impressed me was a careful monitoring [using] scales every week, an interview with Dr. Stubbeman each week, and occasional EEG. I had no side effects. I have returned to all my activities that I had previously given up: singing, dancing, book club and leadership roles. TMS has made it possible for me to make commitments knowing that I will be able to keep them – even a family birthday party. My friends have definitely noticed a difference. I have been able to attend dance class on a regular basis, have taken two administrative positions in the dance organization, and have mentored a teacher candidate – none of which I would have been able to do a year ago. I would definitely recommend TMS and in fact I already have. If I ever relapse, I would be in the office ASAP.”

Patient B 

“I have suffered desperate, painful depression for most of my life. My family and friends had trouble relating to me and tried in vain to cheer me up. I was unable to work and spent most days on the couch. I thought life was not worth living. I exhausted medication, psychotherapy and ECT treatment options without relief before trying TMS. TMS has given me the ability to laugh, and enabled my family and friends to laugh with me. Colors are more vibrant. Music is more melodic. I am no longer ashamed of my illness. Thanks to Dr. Stubbeman who is at the forefront of TMS and the compassionate staff, I have a happy, productive life. The treatments are painless and take place in a comfortable environment. I highly recommend this innovative and effective treatment for depression.”

Patient J 

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“I came to Dr. Stubbeman very depressed with low energy and low self esteem. I had no motivation and was unable to keep a job. A couple of weeks after starting TMS, I began to feel better and noticed a lift in my overall mood. To my surprise, I found the TMS treatment to be painless and the routine was easy to follow. Dr. Stubbeman and the clinical staff made me feel very calm and reassured throughout my treatment. After going through TMS treatment, I have my energy back. I have been able to work again and have regained meaningful relationships with my family and friends. I am very grateful for TMS and all the great staff for helping me to get my life back on track. I feel a new sense of happiness and purpose in life!”

Patient K 

“I am 21 years old and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I would personally recommend TMS because it solved my depression. I had exhausted so many options and I spent so much time trying to solve my depression and in a matter of four to five weeks it took care of my depression.”

Patient F 

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“You’re paying for a quality treatment something that’s cutting edge and you know, basically, if you want to get better and anti depressants haven’t helped you as you wish, really TMS is […] the best option.”

Patient O 

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