Treatment Of Bipolar Depression

Through the use of medications there are several ways to manage the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, many of these treatments can cause unwanted side effects that make it difficult for patients to live their lives normally. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), however, offers an effective treatment without any adverse effects.

Drug Treatments for Bipolar Depression

Medication regimens for bipolar disorder usually involve mood stabilizers such as lithium or valproic acid. In some cases, depression caused by the disorder is treated with antidepressant medications. Typically these mood stabilizers are still taken with the antidepressants to prevent manic episodes. While this method may work to control some patient’s symptoms, it does not have a beneficial effect for every patient.

Drugs like lithium are fairly effective at treating bipolar disorder, but they can cause significant negative side effects. Some troublesome side effects of taking lithium include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • A pervasive “dazed” feeling
  • Dehydration

TMS Instead of Drug Therapy

Patients who experience serious side effects when taking mood stabilizers often think that they will simply have to choose between those adverse effects and the symptoms of their bipolar disorder. For many people, however, TMS works just as effectively without causing any unwanted side effects. That means the patient gets the advantages of an effective treatment that controls symptoms, without suffering with adverse effects and potential health risks.

How TMS Treatment Works

TMS uses a magnetic field to stimulate specific areas of the brain that are associated with bipolar disorder. Treating bipolar disorder usually requires daily treatment sessions during the acute phase of treatment which typically lasts between 4-8 weeks.

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