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Brain Stimulation May Improve Cognitive Functioning Faster and More Efficiently

By Mohan Garikiparithi | Apr 26, 2017

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It is only natural that we start to get slower in our old age, as our brains need more time to process and interpret information. We try our best to keep our minds stimulated by playing games and staying active. The concept of increasing working memory is not something new and was designed to help those who want to maintain their mental acuity. Working memory is the amount of information you can hold and manipulate in the mind at one time and is something that brain training activities designed for the elderly revolve around. New research suggests that if direct brain stimulation were to be combined with brain training activities, it could boost overall performance.

We all have our own method for staying mentally active. Whether you prefer bicycling or just doing crossword puzzles, activities such as these help promote blood flow to the brain and delay the onset of dementia. However, according to research at Sandia National Laboratories, non-abrasive brain stimulation can lead to cognitive improvement under certain conditions. This may help improve working memory or cognitive strategies faster and more efficiently.

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