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Raya, Dr. Stubbeman OfficeTranscranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), is a groundbreaking new therapy that has great success in treating an array of different neurological conditions. Unfortunately many insurance companies still do not provide coverage for the procedures and will not always reimburse their clients for TMS services.

Getting Insurance to Pay for TMS

While the benefits of TMS treatments for a variety of neurological conditions are well documented, health insurance companies are still hesitant to cover all of the costs, which is comparable to that of other serious medical conditions. However, the patient is able to file for an appeal, directly to their insurance company and try and receive reimbursement,That way, individuals who need TMS can receive necessary treatment without the added financial burden of paying the full expense.

Dr. Stubbeman’s Office and Insurance

Dr. Stubbeman is happy to provide patients with additional information for insurance reimbursement and appeal paperwork. We understand that the stress of filing paperwork can exacerbate a patient’s disorder, making it more difficult for him or her to benefit from their much-needed treatment. As the paperwork piles up, many people living with depression find that they simply cannot continue negotiating with the insurance company. That’s why Dr. Stubbeman stays on your side throughout the process to ensure you get the treatments you need in order to live without the burden of depression and unnecessary stress.