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Dealing with Treatment-Resistant Depression

By Dr. Phil Kronk, USA Today Network – Tennessee | Apr 21, 2017

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Depression causes great suffering, and it can be more difficult to treat than many realize.

This is important for a depressed person to know so that he or she does not give up hope and continues to search for relief from feelings of sadness.

Research has shown that up to two-thirds of depressed patients do not respond to the first medication prescribed for them.

Even after multiple interventions, 15 to 33 percent of depressed patients do not respond to treatment.

What can a family member do to help?

As in last Friday’s column, I consulted with Lane Cook, M.D. about the impact of depression on patients’ daily lives. Dr. Cook is a board-certified psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist and the chief of psychiatric services at Cornerstone of Recovery.

Dr. Cook noted that many biological conditions are associated with depression. He shared with me a 2014 Circulation medical journal, which stated that depression was a risk factor for poor prognosis in patients with an acute coronary syndrome.

Depression accounted for about 15 percent of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease deaths.

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