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Psychiatrist offers new technology to battle depression

By Dyke Hendrickson, Staff Writer | Feb 13, 2017

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NEWBURYPORT — Depression has been part of American medical culture for as long as records have been kept.

Keith Ablow, a veteran psychiatrist, recently added to his toolkit for treating it, introducing a novel technology billed as a “non-medicinal treatment for depression.”

“This technology can be used instead of medication,” said Ablow, who is also a well-known author. “It can be appropriate for those who are profoundly depressed or for whom other solutions have not been successful.

“This is a well-tolerated solution that the data shows is very effective.”

His mini-practice is known as New England TMS, and his office is one of the few in northern New England to be employing the technology, known as dTMS, or deep Transcranial Magnetic Simulation.

The treatment involves a machine which “is designed to stimulate under-active areas of the brain.”

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