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TMS Treatments for Depression are on “Front Page”, with host James Earl Jones for Public Television

James Earl Jones, BenZinga |  October 1, 2016

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In an engrossing upcoming segment of “Front Page”, with host James Earl Jones (Star Wars), a team of experts in the field of psychology will explain TMS treatments for depression and how it compares to other treatments that are more widespread. This episode of the series will educate people on this topic, which is not very well known.

TMS, which stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a noninvasive procedure that is used to improve symptoms of depression. It utilizes magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells. During the procedure, an electromagnetic coil is placed near the patient’s forehead, against the scalp. It emits a magnetic pulse, which stimulates nerve cells that are located in the region of the brain that are involved in mood regulation and depression. It is also possible that this treatment activates brain regions that are less active than normal in depressed individuals. Though the mechanism of how TMS treatments work is not completely understood, the treatment does seem to have a positive effect in terms of reducing depression symptoms.

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