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Magnetic therapy treatment may significantly improve tinnitus symptoms

Dr. Victor Marchione, Bell Marra Health |  August 16, 2016

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Magnetic therapy treatment may significantly improve tinnitus symptoms. Already being used for patients with depression, transcranial magnetic therapy (TMT) may also benefit those with tinnitus.

Researcher Dr. Murali Rao said, “Tinnitus could be for a number of reasons. Once all has been done to rule out the common causes of tinnitus, such as blood vessel problems and anything to do with the nervous system, we then look at the chronic tinnitus sufferers where no cause or remedy has been found. There has been a close association between psychological disorders, like anxiety and depression, and tinnitus.”

“TMS [transcranial magnetic stimulation] has an effect on the neurocircuitry of the brain. It’s a way of modulating the connectivity within the brain, and we use that for treatment of depression. What we are trying to find out is how much the treatment has an effect on depression, and we will see what happens with tinnitus at the same time,” added Dr. Rao.

When receiving TMT, a patient has a magnetic coil placed next to the left side of the head. The coil sends short pulses of magnetic fields to the brain surface, stimulating brain cells and this way activating mood-regulating circuits. This is how transcranial magnetic stimulation improves mood in depressive patients.

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